Bob Wilson Marina Abramovic Life and Death of Marina Abramovic

Marina, you have crossed all arts. With "Life and Death of Marina Abramovic" you have chosen Theater to tell the story of your life. Why Theater? What's for you Theater? And what possibilities has given you more than other arts?

"I am interested in exploring different mediums. I work as a performance artist more than 40 years but I am also exploring film, sound, and theater. I learn from each of these mediums. I am curious and I don't see any boundaries. I take freedom to cross every territory if I wish. Theater gives me a different dimension through which to see the story of my life."

How was to work with a great director as Robert Wilson?

"I like to work with Bob. He is one of the few people who invent a new language of theater, in relation to time and space and stillness. Bob often on stage juxtaposes two human conditions at the same time, like sadness and humor, which are two very important elements of my life story. I learn from him the most."

Do you think to keep on your engagement in Theater?

"Yes. I definitely will. It fascinates me the artificiality of the theater in opposition to the reality of performance art."

How would you summarize your life?

"I could quote Lenin: «Work, work, and work»."

You have recently given birth to Marina Abramovic Institute. What are its goals?

"Very simply: I want to educate the public about long durational work and teach a new generation of artists, scientists, and thinkers (and anybody who wants to learn) how to be more conscious in the moment."

What can you tell about Lady Gaga contribution to your work?

"Lady Gaga wants to learn. She's curious. She's not afraid to push her body to the limits, and during the workshop I gained great respect for her. She also helps me to educate a public that is not my typical public."